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Medical ultrasound covers both ultrasound imaging and ultrasound therapy. Ultrasound imaging, along with X-ray, CT, and MRI, is known as one of the four major medical imaging technologies. Due to its advantages of non-ionizing radiation, non-invasiveness, wide applicability, real-time capabilities, and flexibility, ultrasound is the most widely used imaging technology in clinical applications. In 2021, the global ultrasound market reached a capacity of 7.9 billion USD, with an expected annual growth rate of over 4.5% until 2030. The ultrasound market in China alone reached 13.9 billion RMB, with an estimated compound annual growth rate of over 7.5%.

Focus & Fusion Healthcare is a professional and innovative ultrasound enterprise, providing a full-stack ultrasound solution with a focus on "screening and therapy" using ultrasound. The company has a young team of over 200 people, with an average age of less than 31 years. The research and development team accounts for over 60% of the total, bringing a wealth of creativity. Focus & Fusion has independent mastery of core ultrasound technology, with over 100 patented inventions, and possesses full-stack capabilities in medical ultrasound research and development. It is one of the few domestic companies with the research and production capabilities for transducers.

The industry's development serves as the best driving force for achieving corporate growth, and corporate growth is the fastest path to individual development! By choosing the right industry and the right company, working hard, supporting each other, success is just one step away from you!

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